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Boris continued to star in many of my tales and even features in my new book as a baddie! He is based on my childhood pet guinea pig (also named Boris) who was actually quite nice (and very fluffy).


Now that I'm a grown up and a proper author, I'm a lot more serious and authory. When I'm not writing, I enjoy slurping tea from a china teacup with my pinky finger pointing out, while reading the Beano. I also enjoy taking long strolls in my local woods and watching Marvel movies with my family. 

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you enjoy looking around my site - it's jam-packed with fun things to do so stay a while and hang out.



Hi, I'm Chrissie, thank you for visiting my site!

I grew up in Billericay, Essex where I spent much of my childhood seeking adventure and finding trouble. My escapades include narrowly avoiding death by seagull poo, an attempted rescue of the school pet fish from in-tank cannibalism and a stealth mission to uncover who ate all of the Christmas tree chocolates (it was me).

I've always loved reading and making up stories. I wrote my first aged 7; a high stakes adventure about falling through a trapdoor into a pit filled with hungry crocodiles. Luckily my hero was saved from certain doom by a brave young guinea pig, named Boris. 


Children's Author
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