I'm always delighted to be asked to visit schools, libraries and festivals and like to bring a sense of fun to my visits.


Outlined below are details of my Virtual visits; Author talks; Creative workshops & Craft workshops.


I can tailor my talks and workshops to KS1 & KS2 and use pictures, props and game-play to help stimulate ideas and keep the children engaged.


I am currently offering virtual visits via Zoom, Skype or a platform of your choice and am happy to work with you to deliver the best event for your needs.


Here are some of the options available (can be adapted to suit both KS1 & KS2):

Virtual Visits


The video is FABULOUS!!!!! I properly giggled, thank you! I can't wait to see what the children come up with.

  • Pre-recorded short Jam Inventions Challenge video (7 mins) and a live 15min virtual Q&A session: £30

  • 30 minute author talk (15 minute talk /15 mins Q&A)£50 

(this talk includes a short introduction from me, a little game play and a 15 minute question and answer session.)

  • One hour author talk (45 minute author talk/15 minutes of Q&A)£95

(In this talk I give a short introduction, before telling the children about my journey from reluctant reader to author. We then play a game, before Q&A.) 


We have just watched the video and we loved it! Chrissie was so engaging and [our child] was super excited to get started on designing his jam invention! 



​My creative workshops use themes from 'An Alien in the Jam Factory' as a springboard to help the children come up with new and unusual story ideas.


They are aimed at smaller class-sized groups and focus on the fun side of being creative and using your imagination. I try to keep the talks very interactive, ask questions and encourage lots of participation. 

My workshops last from around 45 minutes to an hour (subject to age group) and can be adapted to suit both KS1 & KS2I'm always happy to tailor sessions as required. A sample of my workshops can be found below.

Jam-Tastic Inventions

We start by looking at a jar of jam and discussing its properties.

The children then go onto develop a brand new jam invention of their own.

Pets with Personality

The children develop a fun new animal character, using a pet or favourite animal as inspiration. A fun session, with lots of sharing of funny pet stories. 

Design Super-Jam!

The children create a new flavour of super-jam! What power would it give them? Are there side effects? How can we make it different & unusual?

Fizzing Factories

The children design a factory of their own, using the methods that I used to create McLay's Jam Factory.  

The wackier the ideas, the better!

  • 30-45 minutes long.

  • Can be adapted to suit both KS1 & KS2.

  • I try to keep the talks very interactive, ask lots of questions and encourage participation.

  • I give a little background on my journey to becoming a writer and my life as an author.

  • I talk about imagination and creativity, discuss how we come up with ideas and the tools you need to write a good story.

  • I’m very happy to answer any questions from the children (or teachers).

  • My aim is to encourage the children’s love for stories and to fuel their imagination, so that they leave with a sense of enthusiasm and plenty of ideas for their own stories.

Author Talks (suitable for larger groups or assemblies)


​My craft sessions are all based around 'An Alien in the Jam Factory'. They work well as a short live virtual session and last approximately thirty minutes. I can also incorporate a reading and Q&A (subject to how the craft activity is going).

  • Make alien-filled jam tarts 

  • Finger-painting aliens 

  • Brussels sprout stamp painting 

  • Make cardboard standing guinea-pigs

  • Make Fizzbee antennae

  • Treasure hunt

Craft Sessions

​Virtual rates as listed above. 


My standard in-person rates are £300 plus travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable), for a full day visit (£150 for an assembly talk and signing).


A full day might typically include:

  • Whole school assembly x 2

  • 2 class workshops

  • Signing