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If yes, then you can book me for a FREE 15-minute virtual Q&A session!

The Rules:

  • Available to any school in UK or Ireland.

  • Strictly for schools who are reading or have read An Alien in the Jam Factory (or any of my books).

  • Limited to two Q&A sessions per school

Simply use the 'Book Now' button to access my calendar and arrange for me to meet your class!

How it works:

  • Once you have booked your Q&A session with me (using the calendar link on this page), I ask that you set up the virtual meeting (using a platform of your choice). Simply send the link to (at least 2 hours in advance). I'll then arrive at the agreed time.

  • I normally start by very briefly introducing myself and asking the children for a show of hands to find out their favourite characters, etc.

  • I then ask if anyone has any questions for me and ask that the teacher choose people to come to the front and ask me a question, which I then answer.

  • This session works best if the children have pre-prepared questions ready. 

  • We often run over the fifteen minutes and they sometimes last up to half an hour.

Are you reading 'An Alien in the Jam Factory' (or another of my books) in your class?

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