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Jam Inventions Challenge Video (6:47mins)

Can you come up with a new jammy invention?

Let's Draw with Jenny Taylor! 

How to draw Fizzbee (2.21)

'An Alien in the Jam Factory', Chapter One.

Read by Chrissie Sains (3:00)

Finger Painting

Boris the guinea pig (0:15)

Finger Painting

Fizzbee flying in a Jam Tart (0:28)

Alien in The Jam Factory Door Animation (0:10)

Made by illustrator of awesomeness

Jenny Taylor

Website © 2021 Chrissie Sains


AN ALIEN IN THE JAM FACTORY Text © 2021 Chrissie Sains; Illustrations © 2021 Jenny Taylor

Published by Walker Books Limited.  All rights reserved.

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