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Can you make an amazing new flavour of SUPER-JAM* for McLay's Jam Factory?

Here's how!

*We're not talking about REAL jam, it's actually SLIME so DON'T eat it or cook it!



You will need:

1 x clean empty jam jar

A mixing bowl

A wooden spoon

Jam label (see template below)



(Make sure you check with an adult first!)

  • 100ml PVA white glue

  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

  • Food colouring

  • ½ tsp contact lens solution

  • Glitter (optional)



Start by thinking about your jam. What flavour are you making? What would happen if you ate it? Would it give you super-powers? Or would it have an unusual flavour? If you want to, you can use the recipe card template (below) to write it all down!

Ready? Now you can start making your super-jam!


Add a drop or two of your chosen gel food colouring. Less colouring gives a pastel colour; the more you add, the brighter the colour. Mix until well incorporated.


Once it has formed, take it out and knead it with your hands. It will be sticky at first but after about 30 seconds you’ll have a smooth and pliable ball. Add glitter at this point, if desired, and work in with your hands.


Squeeze the glue into your mixing bowl (look for a bottle in a 100ml size if possible so you won’t have to measure it out). Add the bicarbonate of soda and mix well.


Add the contact lens solution and mix. The jammy slime will begin to form, going stringy before coming away clean from the bowl into a ball.


Now your jammy slime is ready! Store your jammy slime in your clean jam jar.

If you want it to be less sticky, you can add another drop of contact lens solution. And if you want it to be fluffy, you can add shaving gel! 


Jam Label Template

Click on the image to use this template to make a label for your new super-jam invention and stick it onto your jam jar!

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 17.13.21.png

Recipe Card Template

Click on the image to use this template to write a bit about your new super-jam invention!

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