Children's Author
An Alien in the Jam Factory

Release date: April 1st 2021

The first book in a hilarious, jam-packed new adventure series starring Scooter the inventor and his top secret alien sidekick.

McLay’s jam is the best – on toast or straight from the jar. But keeping a lid on his top-secret creations is lonely work for Scooter. That is until Fizzbee the friendly alien crashes through the factory window!


Only problem: a broken window is the perfect opportunity for Daffy Dodgy to break in and steal Scooter’s book of inventions…

Pre-order now: Waterstones,, Amazon

Jam Inventions Challenge

Can you come up with a jam-tastic invention worthy of McLay's Jam Factory? Check out my short six-minute creative writing challenge video and give it a whirl!


Don't forget to send me your inventions afterwards so I can tell you how fab they are! 


Need some inspiration? Click here to see the Jam Inventors Gallery.


Looking for some fun jammy activities? Check out our Alien in the Jam Factory activities page, where you can find colouring, crafting, coding & cooking!

I'm always delighted to be asked to visit schools, libraries and festivals, either virtually or in-person, to meet my future readers and talk about my life as an author.


I offer both author talks and creative writing workshops and like to bring a sense of fun to my visits.


I can tailor my talks and workshops to KS1 & KS2 and use pictures, props and game-play to help stimulate ideas and keep the children engaged.


The video is FABULOUS!!!!! I properly giggled, thank you! I can't wait to see what the children come up with.

We have just watched the video and we loved it! Chrissie was so engaging and [our child] was super excited to get started on designing his jam invention! 


We loved sharing Chrissie's fabulous author video today and the children really enjoyed coming up with their jam-tastic inventions. The parents also enjoyed it!