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An Alien in the Jam Factory

The first book in a hilarious, jam-packed new adventure series starring Scooter the inventor and his top secret alien sidekick.

McLay’s jam is the best – on toast or straight from the jar. But keeping a lid on his top-secret creations is lonely work for Scooter. That is until Fizzbee the friendly alien crashes through the factory window!


Only problem: a broken window is the perfect opportunity for Daffy Dodgy to break in and steal Scooter’s book of inventions…

The Treasure Under the Jam Factory

Join inventor Scooter and his alien sidekick, Fizzbee, on their second adventure!

McLay's Jam factory is scheduled for a Grand Re-Opening TONIGHT. That is until Scooter's nemesis Daffy Dodgy turns up to reveal her name is still on the deeds. Scooter must either hand over all his best ideas, or find the money to buy back the factory. When Cat Pincher turns up with a treasure map, revealing there's a hoard of treasure buried under the jam factory, it seems like Scooter's in with a chance.

But he's not the only one after the treasure...

Slugs Invade the Jam Factory

Join inventor Scooter and his alien sidekick, Fizzbee, on their third adventure!


Scooter, Fizzbee and Cat have turned McLays jam factory into a tropical jam-making paradise. Delicious! There's just one problem. SLUGS. Slithering everywhere, eating all the fruit, and in danger of causing the factory to fail its hygiene inspection. Scooter has to think of a way to get them out, pronto. Hyper-creative, he usually has ideas constantly whizzing and whooshing around his head. But something strange has happened ... he's gone blank. SCOOTER HAS NO IDEAS! With evil head slug Mucus Vane taking total control of the factory, the gang will need to summon everything they have to save McLays Jam – and help Scooter rediscover his creativity!

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I Got This
Co-authored with Cara Mailey

A funny, big-hearted novel about loving yourself for being exactly who you are!

When a mega-famous pop group announces a competition for fans to be part of their next music video, Erin decides to go for it. She wants to show her younger brother that in life, there are no limits - even if you don't look like most other kids. 

But making an audition video is proving more difficult than Erin expected; it's almost like her best friend is trying to ruin it! And when an opportunity comes up that might increase her chances, Erin begins to wonder: can she stay true to herself and pursue her dreams?

Jam Inventions Challenge

Can you come up with a jam-tastic invention worthy of McLay's Jam Factory? Check out my short six-minute creative writing challenge video and give it a whirl!


Don't forget to send me your inventions afterwards so I can tell you how fab they are! 


Need some inspiration? Click here to see the Jam Inventors Gallery.


Looking for some fun jammy activities? Check out our Alien in the Jam Factory activities page, where you can find colouring, crafting, coding & cooking!

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I'm always delighted to be asked to visit schools, libraries and festivals, either virtually or in-person, to meet my future readers and talk about my life as an author. I can tailor my talks and workshops to KS1 & KS2 and use pictures, props and game-play to help stimulate ideas and keep the children engaged.

Our children (and staff) really enjoyed Chrissie's visit - there was a real buzz throughout the school. The children were so inspired when they found out about Chrissie's route into writing - it really motivated them!

Having already engaged with Chrissie virtually, we were thrilled to welcome her IN PERSON today. She is relaxed, engaging and inspiring and I couldn't recommend contacting her highly enough - virtually or in person.

Thank you so much Chrissie!

Chrissie's presentational style was very engaging and she could literally have stayed all day as the children had so many questions! The rest of the day saw children's noses almost glued to their copy of 'An Alien in the Jam Factory!'

It was a wonderful morning!

Hi Chrissie!

I just wanted to express my thanks for this morning's virtual visit - it was utterly wonderful!

The buzz in the classroom here since has been incredible - I really think you have inspired many budding authors!

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